Lizard Lick ~ An Actual Place And Its Factual Lore (CD)

Lizard Lick - An Actual Place And Its Factual Lore

Featuring: The Poet Claudio, Ma Pearl and her son The Mayor of Lizard Lick

This CD features the voices and homespun yarns of local residents, including Mayor Charles Wood, his endearing, witty and wise mother a.k.a. "Ma Pearl" (now in her nineties), and Dennis Wood. Also newly recorded performances of the critically acclaimed writings of Claudio Oswald Niedworok (by the author) that are particularly in tune with the planned revitalization of the annual Lizard Lick Festival. It is all done particularly as a tribute to Ma Pearl and her entire Wood ~ pile. This is truly an archival piece of North Carolina history as told by those who lived it and live it still.

An archival piece of North Carolina History. Masterful!
— Dr. Myles Martel

Audio Samples

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 Lizard Lick Intro (35 sec. excerpt)
 Lizard Lick (50 sec. excerpt)
 The Mayor of Lizard Lick (33 sec. excerpt)
 Ravages Unseen (67 sec. complete track)
 Mayor Speaks (40 sec. excerpt)
 Ma Pearl (55 sec. excerpt)

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